Year: 2017


New Year’s Rose: A Signature Cocktail

New Year’s Eve is here already! I still can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I have always loved this holiday – although I prefer celebrating it in a warmer climate on the beach … Somehow, the snow doesn’t have the same celebratory effect as it does on Christmas. For the last few years, […] Read more…


Christmas Cotton Ornament DIY

Christmas is only days away and I have to admit I have not been prepared at all for the season in terms of blog content. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing any Christmas posts this year because I’ve only just started, I have an insane schedule at the moment and all-things-Christmas have been pushed to […] Read more…


Baked Cinnamon Sugar Gingerbread Doughnuts

Doughnuts – who doesn’t love them? We recently bought one of those nifty doughnut pans, and I’ve gotta say I’m hooked! When I made the fried versions in the past they were so much heavier and I felt really unhealthy eating them. Now that I’ve tried making these baked doughnuts a few times, I haven’t […] Read more…


Why We’re Choosing Elopement + Why You Should Too

Elopement… Not the prettiest word when it comes to weddings. It conjures up images of rush, spontaneity, and Elvis in a Vegas chapel. However, a more planned and “pretty” version of elopement is fast becoming a chosen route by a lot of couples – and now we’re among that number. We have looked into different […] Read more…


New Beginnings

At last, Foxxy By Nature is ready for launch! Starting this blog has been such a journey – filled with excitement, creative fulfillment and many (many) frustrated tears. But the negative moments have all been forgotten … well almost!  #bloggerlife So what now? Over the past months I worked on a bit of content to […] Read more…

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