Christmas is only days away and I have to admit I have not been prepared at all for the season in terms of blog content. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing any Christmas posts this year because I’ve only just started, I have an insane schedule at the moment and all-things-Christmas have been pushed to the end of the to-do list. BUT this is the very first year we have bought a tree, and I’m now feeling the holiday spirit. Not to mention,  I’m loving the search for affordable, natural-looking ornaments to decorate our tree.

As many already know, I love creating natural solutions to every-day items. Today, I want to share a simple and cost-effective ornament DIY. I didn’t even have to go shopping for supplies, I just used what we had on hand at home. You can’t get better than that!

Christmas Cotton Ornament DIY:



  • Jumbo 100% Cotton Balls
  • Jute Twine
  • Needle
  • Thread


Start out by taking two Jumbo Cotton Balls, and try to “hollow” them out by putting your two thumbs in the middle and gently pulling. Rotate the cotton ball as you’re pulling until the middle resembles a bird’s nest.


Insert one of the hollowed cotton balls into the other. Pull the edges until it looks uniformly like one giant cotton ball.


Tear a small hole in the bottom. You can either use your fingers or one of the blades from a scissor to make it easier.


Take your jute twine and cut off a long piece. Thread a small part through the middle of the cotton ball (go through the top first instead of the bottom). Wrap the longer part of thread over the edge of the ball and tie it together with the smaller part at the bottom. Make sure to tie it tightly.

christmas-cotton-ornament-diy-thread- tying

Repeat this step, except this time you can thread the longer piece of twine through the bottom instead of going through the top. Repeat this until you’ve looped the twine a total of 5 times around the edges.On the last loop, tie the twine at the bottom with the “tailpiece” (the one you started off with).


Next, you need a needle and thread (I used a brown thread for aesthetic purpose but any colour would do). Stick the needle through the bottom knot of twine, but leave enough of a tail to easily tie a knot with later.


Thread the needle back through the bottom going from the top through the hollowed middle. Leave a large loop of thread so that you can hang the ornament on the tree.


Unthread the needle and tie a knot at least twice (mainly because I’m the worst at making knots… if you’re good at them, just ignore me). Plump out the cotton a bit so it doesn’t look too perfect. I like to cup it in my hand and give it a squeeze. By doing this, it restores more of its original shape.


There you have it! Now, all you have to do is hang it on the tree. Oh, and if you have pets, be warned that they love playing with these ornaments. I’ve caught our cat yanking them off the tree too many times (our Lab is not much better). If anyone has some training tips – PLEASE let me know!

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