Not the prettiest word when it comes to weddings. It conjures up images of rush, spontaneity, and Elvis in a Vegas chapel. However, a more planned and “pretty” version of elopement is fast becoming a chosen route by a lot of couples – and now we’re among that number.

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We have looked into different wedding options for the [almost] 4 years we’ve been engaged. The one constant was that we wanted a very small, and laid-back wedding. However, things happen in life and we weren’t able to put aside the money needed for a traditional wedding.

The more we thought about what would make our day the intimate, natural occasion we desired;

it became clear that elopement was so us. Here are some of our reasons for choosing elopement:


Disclaimer: Please note that in no way am I discounting the traditional wedding route. It really comes down to the couple and what they want for their day. We’re just sharing some of the reasons behind why we chose elopement for our big day and things you might want to consider.

1. The Dollar Amount


Let’s just get this one out there. Eloping is the more cost-effective choice. BUT, this doesn’t mean we’re not going to spend $$ on our wedding. The biggest difference I think in this scenario is that the dollar amount is going towards choices we’re doing specifically for us.

Elopement might be a selfish choice…

but I truly believe that a wedding should be about and for the couple entirely. Elopement gives you this opportunity to spend money where it matters most to you, and you don’t have to explain it to anyone!

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2. Creative Freedomelopement-why-we're-choosing-this-route

This goes hand-in-hand with the Dollar Amount.

Think of your vision for your big day, enjoy visiting every possibility and then instead of imagining how it’ll affect your family or guests, enjoy the fact that you only have to worry about how it makes you and your partner feel.

It has been an exciting thing to really focus on planning a day that is so specifically us as a couple. In the past, when we were trying to plan a more traditional wedding, I kept worrying how my guests would feel, what they’ll think. Even though I know family and friends are loving and supportive, they definitely play a part in how you plan your wedding. After all, you want to make them happy as well.

If you still want to celebrate this big life event with your nearest and dearest, you still can!

Generally, these receptions tend to be more low-key. This can be achieved by either scaling down your guest list or by having the reception as a lunch with hors-d’oeuvres¬†or food stations instead of a sit-down meal. Those are just a few of the possibilities. For us, we would love to celebrate with our friends and family. By eloping, we don’t have to delay getting married and can then save up more for a small, intimate celebration.

Take a look at our personal Pinterest Inspiration Board.

3. Intimacy


Eloping gives me that “It’s you and me, alone in a world we created” kind of vibe.

Maybe not quite as literal but you get the idea. As a couple, Kenny and I are homebodies and introverts. The thought of getting up in front of an audience and saying our vows is just … terrifying. Before we decided on elopement, we already planned on writing our own vows as well as the traditional vow recital. We wanted to share our written vows only with each other and have the traditional vows (which we do love) as an extension that would be shared with our guests. This might sound weird and unconventional, but it was one of those things that’s so typical of how we are as a couple – weird and unconventional.

We love the amount of intimacy that comes along with the elopement.

Now, we can write our vows and say it alone to one another with just the officiant to bear witness. If intimacy is important to you, I would strongly suggest thinking about eloping.

4. A Relaxed Approach


Weddings aren’t typically a relaxed affair

unless you are the most zen person with the world’s best wedding planner. The great thing about eloping is that you really can make it a relaxed experience. As long as you are open to embracing spontaneity and truly immersing yourself in the moment with your partner – you can create a day that is memorable and skip the many stressors associated with planning your wedding (cough* speeches).

5. An Adventure of Extended Proportions


Any wedding, no matter how you do it, is an adventure.

After all, you’re starting a new chapter in life with the person that means the most to you – pretty darn special. What I love about eloping is that the transition from the marriage ceremony to the honeymoon is pretty much seamless. This creates an opportunity to make your elopement last days … or even weeks! Think of your dream honeymoon location and plan your elopement there (or get married on a cruise ship – the possibilities are immense).


Kenny and I have wanted to experience the National Parks in the Canadian Rockies, we’re really thinking of planning our adventure to take place there.

**UPDATE: Since writing this post, we have decided to elope in Cuba on one of the beaches there. As much as we loved the idea of the National Parks; Cuba turned out to be a more economical and easier choice… plus it doesn’t hurt that the beaches there are gorgeous**

If you have any suggestions for elopement destinations, please comment below! I’d love to hear your ideas.

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