It’s been crazy how fast time has gone by this year – this little blog turned 4 months just the other day! I wanted to celebrate this small milestone and also send some love to all of you readers. So, in case some of you missed it, I’m hosting a delicious little giveaway with my dear friend and Epicure consultant, Caila. Head on over to the giveaway post where you can find all the entry info by clicking the photo below:

Enter Instagram Giveaway:

Instagram-Spring-Giveaway-with -Top-Picks-From-Epicure
Click Image to Enter (open to Canadian Residents only)

Now, I know a lot of times when bloggers do this, the post is usually sponsored or they’re affiliated with the company. Full disclosure here, I personally am in no way affiliated or working with Epicure, and I don’t get any commissions if you buy from them. My friend introduced me to these products a while back and I haven’t stopped using them in my day-to-day cooking. I adore their fresh flavours and versatility. Because I love them so much, I figured this giveaway would be a perfect way of sharing something I love with all of you. The fact that I can collaborate with a friend is just the icing on the cake!

We got together and picked out some of our favourite items we enjoy using. Here is a bit more information about the products one lucky Canadian will win:

Top 5 Epicure Picks:


I have one last exciting bit of news! Caila will be on here sharing one of her yummy recipes using some Epicure products this week… you won’t want to miss it.

All the best to our entrants! The winner will be announced on April 8th, make sure you enter before then.

Stay Foxxy!



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