Reading Challenge- May

When I started this reading challenge, I was aiming to read 3 books a month and have a post ready for you at the beginning of each new month. Well, that plan didn’t work out for me this April-May.

These last couple months have been draining on a personal and professional level. Keeping up with my reading, and general content creation for this blog has been quite near impossible.

I felt guilty and stressed…

Then I remembered why I started this challenge. It was to help me grow and push my reading habits to the forefront. While I may not achieve this perfectly, I love that I have something to keep me accountable and really push myself even when the last thing I feel like doing is picking up a book and forcing myself to relax. 

Even though it stressed me out, I am so happy to have started this reading challenge. It has taught me not only to take some time out for myself but also to switch off and really lose myself in another world. Even if it’s just for an hour. That bit of separation helps … a lot!

With no further delay here is my May Reading List:

reading challenge-book list-may-2018


The Wife by Alafair Burke

An interesting crime story, with more of a twist than I was expecting. This story visits a woman’s traumatic past and then jumps to the present time where she’s living a seemingly idyllic life. This life shattered when her husband is charged with murder. As the events unfold and her past comes back to haunt her, she has to make a tough decision whether to shield herself or her husband from an unhappy future. A crime story that keeps you guessing and fully immerses you in the life of a very troubled woman.


The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Have you ever read a book and the moment you finish it you feel an undeniable loss, which makes you want to read the book all over again just so you can relive something great? THAT is how I felt after reading Kristin Hannah’s The Great Alone.

Set in the 70s, a family moves to Alaska to get a new start in a difficult life. They soon find that to live in the wilds of Alaska takes great strength, and for a man suffering from PTSD after his stint in the Vietnam War, this turns out to be a testing time for him and his family. As the book progresses, you take a journey with this family as they navigate their way through life and discover the courage they need not only to survive “The Great Alone” but also the darkness inside their home. A must-read as far as I’m concerned.


Look For Me by Lisa Gardner

This book is a hard one to review because it started off really exciting but lost me as I kept on reading. The content itself was an interesting crime story, but I felt like the magic disappeared towards the middle. It’s important to note that this was my first book of Lisa Gardner’s that I’ve read, and this story was a Detective D.D. Warren and Flora Dane adventure. If I had more of a previous connection to these returning characters, maybe I would have liked this book a whole lot more than I did.

Look For Me depicts the struggles of survivor’s guilt and abuse. A young girl disappears following her family’s brutal murder in their own home; the police quickly consider her to be the prime suspect. Believing in her innocence, Flora Dane (an avenger-like character) is determined to look for her and help her solve the mystery of who killed the young girls’ family, even as she revisits her own personal horror story in the process.

I’m happy I kept pushing myself to finish reading this book because it picked up nicely after a while and made for a good ending. Which I think is way better than a great book with a terrible ending. What are your thoughts?



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