Zero Waste – this term can have varied definitions for many people. Depending on your preconceived idea of this term, it can either encourage or put you off. For this reason, I wanted to start my low-impact journey off by sharing with you what Zero Waste means to me personally.

Last year, I challenged myself to live a more natural life.

I have loved making this change and sharing it with you. Because the Zero Waste culture fits so well with natural living I was very tempted to include that in my lifestyle. The issue was, I kept reading these stories of people cutting out waste altogether and/or throwing all their plastic items out. To me, that seemed like a scary change, and even though these stories inspired me, I didn’t see how I could alter my lifestyle to fit within these harsh parameters (even though I admired the people who committed themselves to this way of life). On top of it all, it just seemed like far too much of an up-front financial cost and also a waste of money throwing out items that were in perfectly good condition to be used.

If you find yourself with the same notions as I once had, I encourage you to to not limit yourself by the literal definition of those two words like I did – my preconceived mind-block that took Zero Waste living too literally. Fast-forward to this present moment which has me understanding the term on a whole new level.

Zero Waste means …

Striving to live a life that reduces your impact on the planet. It encourages you to be mindful when making new purchases and appreciate what you already have. It means to think of new ways to repurpose items which will increase their lifetime value and/or buying items that can break down quicker and not become toxic waste that accumulates. Zero Waste is not a literal definition (for most) but rather a movement to inspire your daily life.

For those of you interested in the Zero Waste International Alliance’s definition – you can read more on it here.

Anyway, lovelies… I am so excited to start sharing my journey with you! Please don’t be shy if you’d like to message me or leave a comment below on any difficulties you’ve had starting your Zero Waste life. My goal is to establish a community where we can inspire and be supportive of one another 🙂


Let me know what you think ...