Zero Waste Products Buy New Or Repurpose First

When I knew I wanted to commit to changing to a zero waste lifestyle, I was excited to start. Then I realized I didn’t know where to begin.

How does one “go zero waste?”

You can read this post for a more in-depth account of how I approached my new zero waste journey. However, In that post, I didn’t really go into what happened to that “overfilled online shopping cart” I mentioned.

One of the methods I used to get started was to find easy zero waste or lower waste swaps for everyday items.

That sounds great in theory, but there are a few ways to go about it

Now that I am further in this life change, I have a different outlook in regards to zero waste products. At first, I believed that the only way I could start living more environmentally friendly was to purchase items for that purpose. Which kind of goes against the true meaning of zero waste.

Initially, I was also a bit overwhelmed; I wanted a quick solution. It seemed like it would be the easiest route to purchase my “starter-kit” and just get on with it. And that is what I did.

Whilst combatting my overwhelm, I’m happy that I took a step back and carefully evaluated what areas in my life I could be more mindful about and subsequently reduce my waste in. Because of this, I had a structure. I had my action plan. I spent hours (actually weeks – my checkout cart was always being edited) pouring over all the different listings on Amazon. It was important I made sure the items I bought were truly made with eco-friendly materials, had great reviews, and of course, had a price tag to match my budget.

Here’s a different approach I would encourage you to try

Make that list and get clear of the swaps you’re willing to make. Then go over that list and get creative with repurposing items you already own. It sounds simple, but it can be tricky at first. Stop seeing an item for what it was meant for and start seeing it for what it could be instead. And I already thought I was good at thinking creatively at that stage!

Another thing to remember is that these repurposed items might not look pretty. It might look even a bit weird. But that’s ok, because it’s part of that zero waste journey you’re on.

If you’ve exhausted your repurposing opportunities, and find you still have zero waste products you need alternatives for, consider checking out your local thrift store before buying the items new.

What do you think? Is it better to buy new or take another look at what you have lying around the house?


Zero Waste Products Buy New Or Repurpose First
As a zero waste beginner, it might be easy to buy all your zero waste swaps new, but maybe consider repurposing items you already have around the house. | FOXXYBYNATURE.COM


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