This recipe for homemade protein pumpkin granola is a great way to kickstart your morning. Making granola from scratch is an easy way personalize it for your own taste and health specifications | FOXXYBYNATURE.COM | #granola #homemade #protein #pumpkin # makefromscratch #zerowaste

Homemade Protein Pumpkin Granola

Granola is one of those breakfasts that take no time to throw together, they’re quite healthy depending on the types you make or buy and they’re super tasty and fresh for the hot summer months. With my husband working in aviation where he usually has very early mornings he needs a breakfast that will both […] Read more…

Make From Scratch Zero Waste Oat Milk Recipe

Make From Scratch Series: Oat Milk

Plant milks are definitely the answer to many lactose intolerant individuals, and it’s easily seen how the food industry has adjusted to this rise in popularity. It’s not only lactose intolerant people who have opted for these dairy free options. Nut and plant milks can be a healthier option compared to cow’s milk. My thoughts […] Read more…

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