about-gia-foxxy-by-nature-author-bloggerWelcome Foxxies!

My name is Gia. I have dreamed of starting this blog for many years, and at last (with the tireless help and belief from my fiancé, Kenny) I’ve taken the plunge. As this is my formal introduction to all of you, I’d love to share a bit about myself, and what ventures I’ll be taking on in the next few months.

Originally from South Africa, I was 19 when I immigrated to Canada. Since then, I have never looked back and continue to fall more in love with this country everyday. However, it has not been an easy road to follow. If anything, it has given me a unique perspective and appreciation for the small things in life and a constant desire to make every moment count.


Kenny + Gia

Kenny and I met when I vacationed here in Canada before the big move. We’ve been together ever since and got engaged in 2014! With him being a pilot and me being certified in Event Planning we knew we wanted to do something unusual, but Life happened and the wedding planning had to take a backseat for a few years. We’re now ready to plan our Big Adventure and decided to make it just that – an adventure to share together in the form of a planned elopement! In the next year I will be sharing planning tips and tricks and how to make your wedding (whether it is traditional or a bit on the quirky side) an event that authentically depicts your unique story.


Self-sustainability + living a (more) natural life have become a huge priorities for us in the recent years. We are now attempting to venture away from those nasty chemicals that are so prevalent in modern living and starting to grow our own food! This is definitely a challenge living in an urban environment, renting a tiny apartment, and being on a shoe-string budget. But I’m up for the challenge and I’m determined to make changes to achieve as much of the priorities as we can under the circumstances. There are many of you in similar circumstances as us; my aim is to share my research, triumphs as well as my failures so that, if anything, you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully create your own self-sustainable and natural life.

This is my Passion Project, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Stay Foxxy






PS. You might see these darlings pop up a lot in future posts, they are our fur-babies Pixel and Sachmo <3

Sachmo The Dog
Pixel the Cat