Skip the store-bought Aloe Vera Gel and try making it yourself. It’s easy and you’ll only need 2 ingredients for this DIY | FOXXYBYNATURE.COM | #naturalremedies #aloevera #naturalbeauty #clean #diy #naturalliving #succulent

DIY Aloe Vera Gel

As a kid growing up in the hot climate of South Africa my memories of Aloe Vera Gel are always of my Mom slathering it on my sunburned body. It became something we would always take to the beach with us, and I grew up thinking that treating sunburn was the only benefit of this nifty […] Read more…


Christmas Cotton Ornament DIY

Christmas is only days away and I have to admit I have not been prepared at all for the season in terms of blog content. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing any Christmas posts this year because I’ve only just started, I have an insane schedule at the moment and all-things-Christmas have been pushed to […] Read more…