Skip the store-bought Aloe Vera Gel and try making it yourself. It’s easy and you’ll only need 2 ingredients for this DIY | FOXXYBYNATURE.COM | #naturalremedies #aloevera #naturalbeauty #clean #diy #naturalliving #succulent

DIY Aloe Vera Gel

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Find out what my reading list was for May, and check out my reviews of the books.

2018 Reading Challenge: May

When I started this reading challenge, I was aiming to read 3 books a month and have a post ready for you at the beginning of each new month. Well, that plan didn’t work out for me this April-May. These last couple months have been draining on a personal and professional level. Keeping up with […] Read more…


2018 Reading Challenge: March

Another month down, and I’m still on track with this reading challenge… almost. I have to admit I struggled to get all my reading done in time for this post. Not to point fingers, but come on, February, why are you such a short month!? I enjoyed my reading list though. I really was in […] Read more…

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