2018 Reading Challenge: February

Reading has always been a favourite activity of mine. I shared this passion with my mom and we actually opened a second-hand bookstore together when I was only fifteen. I’m so proud that it is still in business today after our friends bought it when we had to move on. As I’ve gotten older, I struggle to […] Read more…


Why We’re Choosing Elopement + Why You Should Too

Elopement… Not the prettiest word when it comes to weddings. It conjures up images of rush, spontaneity, and Elvis in a Vegas chapel. However, a more planned and “pretty” version of elopement is fast becoming a chosen route by a lot of couples – and now we’re among that number. We have looked into different […] Read more…


New Beginnings

At last, Foxxy By Nature is ready for launch! Starting this blog has been such a journey – filled with excitement, creative fulfillment and many (many) frustrated tears. But the negative moments have all been forgotten … well almost!  #bloggerlife So what now? Over the past months I worked on a bit of content to […] Read more…

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