5 Things I Learned from Moving Long Distance Feature

5 Things I Learned From Moving Long Distance

  Moving long distance was not the fun adventure I was hoping it would be. A few months ago, we made the big move to Timmins, Ontario for a fantastic new job Kenny landed. While we were so excited to move somewhere more remote than the busy Greater Toronto Area that we were living in, […] Read more…


New Beginnings

At last, Foxxy By Nature is ready for launch! Starting this blog has been such a journey – filled with excitement, creative fulfillment and many (many) frustrated tears. But the negative moments have all been forgotten … well almost!  #bloggerlife So what now? Over the past months I worked on a bit of content to […] Read more…


How to Make Authentic Marinara Sauce from Scratch

An important fact you should know about me – i love pasta. Of course, one of the most critical parts of a great pasta is the sauce. So, I thought I’d share [one] my favourite Marinara sauces with you today. The whole secret to the amazing flavour is because it’s made from scratch using fresh […] Read more…

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